In the realm of marine biodiversity, South Africa stands as a beacon, housing over 200 shark and ray species along its breathtaking coastline. However, amidst the allure of these waters lies a poignant tale of ecological imbalance and the struggle to protect the dwindling population of Great White Sharks.

A Legacy Threatened

The documentary “The Last Shark” sheds light on the historic decline of Great White Sharks along the eastern coast of South Africa. It echoes the impact of “shark nets” employed by the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board since 1952, resulting in the culling of sea life and a stark reduction in Great White Shark numbers.

Mission and Vision

At its core, the documentary spearheads a crucial mission—to restore equilibrium to South Africa’s marine ecosystems. By spotlighting the harmful effects of shark nets, the film advocates for responsible policies to safeguard endangered shark populations and promote ecotourism and research initiatives.

Meet the Visionaries

Led by a passionate crew, including directors Frankie Chipparoni and Charlie Morris, the team boasts a wealth of experience in marine research and conservation. Their collective expertise underscores the urgency of preserving these majestic creatures and their habitats.

The Urgency of Change

“The Last Shark” serves as a catalyst for transformative action. It aims to reframe public perception, urging a shift away from the notion of sharks as mere threats. The film highlights the intricate connection between marine ecosystems and human existence, emphasizing the need for coexistence, not co-extinction.

Raising Awareness Through Screenings

With screenings across the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, and KZN, the documentary aims to engage communities, especially youth, and evoke a deeper understanding of the delicate balance between marine life and human activities.

Challenges and Solutions

The film delves into the harrowing realities of shark nets and drum lines, shedding light on their detrimental impact on not only Great White Sharks but also numerous other marine species. It urges a shift from lethal technologies to alternative methods, advocating for protection without compromising marine life.

Collaborative Efforts and Progress

Collaborating with various institutions and experts, the documentary navigates the complexities of dwindling shark populations. It calls for collaborative efforts between government bodies, conservationists, and local communities to embrace sustainable and non-lethal methods for bather safety.


Towards a Hopeful Future

Despite the challenges, the documentary sparks hope for change. Initiatives like shark spotting, non-harmful exclusion nets, and innovative technologies emerge as viable solutions, aiming to protect both beachgoers and marine biodiversity.

A Collective Call to Action

“The Last Shark” resonates as a clarion call, urging a reevaluation of policies and a reconnection with the fragile ecosystem. It urges society to recognize the interconnectedness of all life forms and emphasizes the need for responsible stewardship of our oceans.


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