Shark Cage Diving Gansbaai

Embark on an exhilarating shark cage diving experience with us and encounter a variety of shark species in their natural habitat. Our dives take place at various locations within the bay, depending on shark activity. Due to declining numbers of great white sharks, sightings in Shark Alley are rare. This decline is attributed to various human-induced pressures, including the use of lethal shark net and drumline technology by the Kwazulu Natal Sharks Board, overfishing of key prey species, pollution, and habitat changes. We are actively petitioning against these practices and are committed to shark conservation efforts in South Africa.

White Shark Diving Company proudly holds Blue Flag international status and actively contributes to shark conservation initiatives. Your dive with us directly supports our vital cause.

Our shark cage diving excursions are conducted in the vicinity of Dyer Island, approximately 15 minutes by boat from Gansbaai. Dyer Island is home to a diverse array of marine life, including a colony of over 50,000 Cape Fur Seals, which serve as a primary food source for sharks.

Between Dyer Island and neighboring Geyser Rock lies a channel known as “Shark Alley,” historically frequented by great white sharks. While sightings of great whites are less common now, our experienced crew navigates between Joubert’s Dam, Die Dam and Shark Alley depending on shark activity. Between these locations encounters with various shark species are possible.

Guests have the opportunity to take turns in our eight-man floating cage, offering thrilling underwater views of these majestic apex predators. When not in the cage, passengers can enjoy surface viewing of sharks and other marine life from the comfort of the boat’s viewing deck.

With a high sighting success rate throughout the year, our excursions offer unforgettable wildlife encounters, though sightings can never be guaranteed.

Join us for an unforgettable adventure and contribute to the conservation of sharks in South Africa.

Up close and personal with a Great White shark

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The Boat

White Shark is a 12-meter long sea-cabin cruiser Cat. It has been custom built to the specifications required in the shark cage diving industry. She is the most recent boat built in the shark cage diving industry with the most modern design and requirements installed.

She is equipped with the most environmentally-friendly outboard engines with reduced emissions: The new Suzuki 4-stroke outboard – with 4.0 liter displacement, a 24-valve V6 powerhead with dual overhead cams – offers more speed, more acceleration and more performance than any outboard ever made. It’s the world’s strongest cams, with variable valve timing, and a new streamlined lower unit that slices through water like a hot knife through butter. There has never been so much power in an outboard.

However, the real reason White Shark Diving Co. uses these outboards is due to the eco-friendly nature of their emissions.

Our boat - The White Shark