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More than merely a diving company, White Shark Diving Company is devoted to environmental preservation. Only 4 cage diving companies are located in Gansbaai, the “Great White Shark Capital of the World,” and we are one of them. White Shark Diving Company has taken the lead in urging operators to work together to safeguard the declining population of sharks and other marine wildlife off the coast of South Africa.

Education of domestic and foreign tourists about the Great White Shark’s need for protection is an essential component of our campaign. We conduct daily excursions to inform visitors about great white sharks and our ongoing conservation efforts. Our cage diving excursions provide clients the chance to observe great white sharks in their natural habitat, when their elegance and beauty are most obvious.

Great white shark conservation and the protection of the marine ecosystem as a whole are top priorities for White Shark Diving Company. Our volunteer program, among other conservation and social responsibility efforts, reflect this.

In the shark cage diving sector, conducting shark research and conservation is a regulated permit requirement. Operators are also required to carry out community upliftment and outreach initiatives in the surrounding coastal towns. Joining one of our tours directly supports these causes as White Shark Diving Company is proudly and fervently committed to them.

The public’s opinion of sharks is changing as a result of our wonderful sea excursions, and we are delighted to see first-hand how fear changes to amazement and respect as our guests witness the majestic grace of these incredible marine animals.

The global conservation of sharks depends on this shift in beliefs since society will fight to defend their passions in opposition to the Jaws stigma, which leads to the annual senseless killing of millions of sharks. Being a part of this wave of transformation makes us proud. A study on this phenomenon was the result of our collaboration with Stellenbosch University, and a peer-reviewed scientific paper was published on the impact of the cage diving industry on altering the public’s perspective of sharks.

White Shark Diving Company’s shark cage diving Permit

White Shark Diving Company’s shark cage diving Permit

To qualify for a shark dive permit, which is issued by the South African Government’s Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE), an operator has to comply with a strict set of rules and a code of ethics.

Sea worthiness of the boat, qualifications of the crew, standard of facilities, equipment and cages are all qualifying factors. Vessels and equipment are subject to an annual inspection by SAMSA (South African Maritime Safety Authority).

White Shark Diving Company operates in a responsible and eco-friendly manner, our staff and crew are well-trained, and our facilities are upgraded on an ongoing basis to ensure customer satisfaction through continuous growth.


The White Shark Diving Co. operates in a responsible and ecofriendly way. The Great White Shark is not harmed in any manner, nor is the environment polluted. White Shark Diving Co complies with a strict set of safety regulations, required by the South African Government Department of Labour. We are affiliated to:

Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment. Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE).
SAMSA South African Marine Safety Authority
Cape Town Tourism Cape Town Tourism
South Africa Tourism South Africa Tourism
The great white shark protection foundation The Great White Shark Protection Foundation
Greenline certification The Heritage Environmental Management Company – Green Globe Certification

Our crew consists of a Divemaster, Level 3 Medic and a Skipper with SAMSA authority, who are trained to handle any emergency situation that may arise whilst out at sea.

Safety precautions include emergency and evacuation flow charts in the Skipper’s cabin as well as a step-by-step emergency manual, maintenance plan and equipment checklist.

The White Shark Co complies with a strict set of safety regulations required by the South African Government Department of Labour.

The boat, cage and diving equipment are inspected and surveyed by SAMSA, DEA – Oceans and Coasts, and by our crew on an ongoing basis.