Shark Conservation in South Africa

Join us for the volunteer experience of a lifetime.

Imagine, getting on a plane and starting your adventure in Gansbaai, South Africa. The Great White Shark capital of the world. Situated towards the tip of the African continent, this scenic, coastal town is located just a few kilometers away from Dyer Island, which is home to 27 bird species as well as a population of African penguins. Nearby is Geyser Rock, the stomping ground for around 60,000 Cape Fur Seals.

Sharks are the natural predators of these creatures, and a channel known as Shark Alley, can be found in-between. You’ll be working around the area doing important research and conservation work and coming face-to-face with these respected marine animals.

Are you ready to start your Shark Conservation volunteer programme and make a difference?

Shark Conservation Activities

If you’re interested in this programme, you’re probably a conservationist at heart. We will teach you practical and useful skills that will build on your own development as a burgeoning Conservationist.

During this programme, you will:

  • Interact with sharks. Come face-to-face with Apex predators in their natural environment.
  • Receive research assistant training from professional and well-respected biologists who will teach you valuable skills to help you make an impact in your conservation career.
  • Capture marine data - Assist our marine biologist with catch & release surveys.
  • Measuring, tagging and recording observational data to compile for submission on a governmental level to obtain protection for our lesser known, endemic shark species.
  • Take part in controlled angling surveys. Controlled angling allows us to access and monitor a variety of metrics in an area, giving our data substantial credibility.
  • Learn ethical handling and shark tagging. Shark tagging allows us to track the movements, behaviors and vitals of our sharks. It also allows us to take a genetic sample, which contributes towards genetic projects focusing on understanding the dynamics of genes in populations to principally avoid extinction. Learn how to do this ethically.
  • Conduct snorkeling surveys. Catching small sharks by hand, with safe group snorkeling, allows us to gather data, interact with these fascinating creatures and experience the Gansbaai coastline, intimately.

Explore South Africa in Your Spare Time

In-between your days at sea, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get familiar with the surrounding towns, and take part in a number of memorable activities with your group including outreach programs in our local communities and animal sanctuaries.

This volunteer programme is open to passionate, adventure loving conservationists from around the world. However, it is a perfect addition for your career if you are an early-stage scientist or a marine biologist or a student looking to build connections with global conservationists.

Contact us to book your place or for more information.

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