Gansbaai is renowned for two things in particular, its outstanding whale watching opportunities and its shark cage diving and Giant Sharks. The area boasts some of the world’s most spectacular scenery and has been dubbed a small piece of paradise numerous times, due to its rocky cliffs, long stretches of golden beaches and turquoise sea. 

This is where the famous shark breaching behavior was first discovered, which involves the Great White Shark torpedoing its entire body out the sea, as a refined hunting technique. Geyser and Dyer Island are the places to go to witness the fearsome predators performing their phenomenal airborne feats and for up close encounters through shark cage diving. Cape Town is a mere two hours scenic drive away, while Hermanus is only 45 minutes away, with Gansbaai optimally positioned within the striking Overberg region. 

The White Shark Diving Company is an ethical company practicing responsible tourism and will always prioritise the needs of the animal over everything else, with a strong conversational bent. Choosing to go on a shark cage diving tour not only allows you to experience sharks in an entirely new way, but you will also have the opportunity to explore the remarkable Gansbaai area.

A pristine, untamed wilderness known for its rugged terrain and extraordinary floral kingdom, this is a place that you will want to take some time to discover. Meander up the mountain and immerse yourself in the surrounding fynbos, with over 1500 species adorning the rocky hills, hosting an abundance of animals and birds.

Whether you are wandering down Pearly Beach with the sun on your back and the wind in your hair, watching the whales frolicking majestically in the bay, or hiking along the jagged peaks in search of hidden caves and panoramic vistas of the ocean below – Gansbaai’s natural beauty and incredible diversity will astound you. 

De Kelders are the imposing cliffs that rise up above the sea, creating the perfect platform for whale spotting. The gentle giants return annually to mate and calve in the warm ocean and hundreds of visitors flock to the area to watch their elegant antics. They are not the only giants to grace the vicinity with their presence, as sharks have long made the region their home.

Shark Alley is the apex predator’s favourite feeding ground, abounding with seals from the nearby colony, as well as penguins from the penguin colony on Dyer Island. The fierce feeding frenzy is often visible from the boat and you can witness the powerful rulers of the sea in action as they chase their hapless prey.

Climb the famous lighthouse at Danger Point and gaze out at the churning sea below, which conceals the wreck of the once mighty HMS Birkenhead. This is a place of immense charm and allure, where the giants of the sea glide carelessly through the vivid blue waters and the unspoiled coastline conceals numerous hidden gems.

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